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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Shannon Watts’ Most Dishonest Tweet Yet

PR specialist Shannon Watts, whom Michael Bloomberg employs to run Moms Demand Action, posted perhaps the dumbest tweet ever in an effort to smear firearm suppressors: 

@NRA pushing dangerous silencer agenda: ‘If you can't hear the gun shots, how do you know a shooter is coming?’” 

The Twitterverse leaped to correct her ignorance: 

@DLoesch: “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read by a clueless PR hack for hire. They’re not totally silent, moron.” 

@mgray21: “Silencers aren’t silent. 130 decibels. The same as a military jet taking off.” 

@ijaycole: “You realize the sound is still about as loud as a rock concert with a silencer, right? It drops maybe 20db to protect your ears, idiot.” 

Watts’ career is littered with lies—she’s previously claimed defensive gun use has “never happened”; falsely stated that NRA bans concealed carry at its annual meetings and HQ; and tweeted about “lax gun laws” regarding the Ohio State attack, which did not involve guns. But Watts’ dishonest statement is not ignorance; it’s a tactic. 

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