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Making It Happen | SHOT Coverage 2017

Making It Happen | SHOT Coverage 2017

Big doings in the shooting business this week: The National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) is hosting the annual SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade) in Las Vegas, Nev. 

They do a fine job too, with lots of help from the Sands Expo Center just off the famous “Strip.” It’s a whale of a job by any measure: Nearly 14 1/2 acres of exhibits and well over 1,800 vendors and 60,000 attendees need power, connectivity, lights, food and who knows what else. Perched above universally throbbing feet, there’s plenty of fun to be had, but an awful lot of work gets done too, and A1F Daily will be there on your behalf.

Editor-in-Chief Mark Chesnut will have various fingers on multiple pulses—how he keeps it all straight, in fact, we can’t quite fathom. Despite his deft multi-tasking, he always seems to dig up some of the best nuggets, especially when it comes to his first love—afield with shotgun or rifle. The last couple of years a more recent passion has attracted his discerning eye too: all things 3-Gun. 

AIF Digital/Print Creative Director Clay Turner will prowl the floor this year too, and not just to make sure the rest of us don’t show up with unrecognizable blobs on smartphones, and try to force-feed them to you as “art.” A formidable shotgunner and pistolero himself, we don’t doubt his weather eye will turn up more than a few gems the rest of us will miss. 

We’ve conned our normally globe-trotting contributor and former U.S. Army Ranger Chuck Holton into covering the military and law enforcement aspects of the Show. Chuck is no stranger to SHOT, and keeps his hand in of necessity: His travels with LtCol Oliver North don’t allow for much in the way of rust, or inattention.

Guns & Gear Editor Frank Winn avers he’ll be stopping at every single exhibit, but this makes us want to cue the laugh track: We compute this would give him only 79 seconds at each, and no allowance for travel time. Still, he manages to get around. We think he isn’t so much fleet as dogged in his pursuit of a fifth straight “Podiatry Association of America” award for post-Show foot repair. Wish him luck. 

And when it all manages to look good, we figure a shout-out to a man behind the scenes is long overdue—our own U.S. Marine-turned-world-class photographer Michael Ives. Between him and Mr. Turner, it’s easy for the rest of us to at least look good. 

We’re going in…

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