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“Cam & Co.” Takes On The SHOT Show

“Cam & Co.” Takes On The SHOT Show

Photo credit: NRATV

Tens of thousands of gun owners, retailers, distributors and manufacturers have descended on Las Vegas this week for the annual SHOT Show, and the mood on the floor of the Sands Convention Center can best be described as optimistic. Despite so-called “mainstream” news accounts warning (or in some cases, gloating) about a decline in gun sales now that President Barack Obama is leaving office and will not be replaced by Hillary Clinton, folks inside the industry are feeling confident about the future of the Second Amendment. I’ve had the opportunity this week to talk to dozens of folks who make their living crafting, buying or selling firearms and accessories, and I can tell you that everyone I’ve spoken to at SHOT is excited about this year and the incoming Donald Trump administration. 

Manufacturers are hoping that the spikes in gun and ammo purchases that have made it difficult for companies to predict demand will recede in the coming years, replaced by steady growth in the number of gun owners, concealed-carry permit holders and hunters. Gun owners themselves are hopeful that measures like the Hearing Protection Act and national Right-to-Carry reciprocity are on the way, while virtually everyone involved in the industry feels good about replacing the late Antonin Scalia with another Supreme Court justice who gets the fact that our right to keep and bear arms is a real right, a fundamental right, and one that deserves protection and security.  

The folks I’ve talked with this week are well aware that anti-gun activists haven’t gone away, and, in fact, are hoping to gain ground in states like California. At the same time, however, the Second Amendment supporters I’ve spoken to truly believe that a better day is coming, even in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and the handful of other states where our Second Amendment rights are under constant assault. It might not come tomorrow, or next week, but sooner rather than later these states will, however reluctantly, finally acknowledge that our right to keep and bear arms really exists, and can’t be legislated into oblivion. It might take several court cases to reach that point, but as 2017 begins, we are well on our way.   We’ll be broadcasting live from the SHOT Show all week long, providing you with insight and analysis you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Make sure you tune in to “Cam & Co.” throughout the week on NRATV, SiriusXM Patriot 125, iHeartRadio and iTunes for conversations with industry leaders, shooting professionals, gun store owners, and some of the fiercest defenders of the Second Amendment this side of Concord Bridge. We’ll be broadcasting live from the SHOT Show all week long, providing you with insight and analysis you simply can’t get anywhere else. We’ll take you on a tour of the show floor and explore the new products unveiled this year, and even provide a sneak peek at some items that will be appearing on store shelves months from now. 

Your first source for Second Amendment news and information is also your first source for live coverage of the 2017 SHOT Show. So even if you can’t be in Las Vegas this week, we’re making sure you don’t miss a minute of the action.    

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