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Chatterday | January 21, 2017

Chatterday | January 21, 2017

“The city has provided no evidentiary support for these claims, nor has it established that limiting shooting ranges to manufacturing districts ... has any connection to reducing these risks.” — Three-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in ruling against Chicago’s restriction on shooting ranges

“My view of the Second Amendment hasn’t changed.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback referring to a bill that would extend indefinitely the extension originally allowing colleges and universities extra time to draft new weapons policies

“He knows he did the right thing. He is trying to reconcile that in his mind, which is difficult, to take a life even when you know it’s the right thing to do.” — Col. Frank Milstead, Arizona’s Department of Public Safety director, discussing the armed citizen who saved a state trooper’s life last week

“The right of an individual to acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, transfer, and use arms to defend life and liberty and for all other legitimate purposes is fundamental and shall not be infringed upon or denied.” — Clause that would be added to the Iowa state constitution if Senate Joint Resolution 2 passes the state legislature. 

It’s time we give our citizens the right to bear arms without first seeking the government’s permission.” — Republican Alabama state Sen. Gerald Allen on a “permitless” carry measure he has pre-filed in the state legislature.

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