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Dana Loesch Had Perfect Response To A Bloomberg-Funded Anti-Gun Hack

Bloomberg-funded anti-gun figurehead Shannon Watts spent the weekend at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., preaching empowerment and feminism. Two days later, Watts attacked NRATV’s Dana Loesch, and not just for her views on gun rights. Watts sank to a new low and went after Loesch’s appearance—a move that doesn’t align with the principles of the feminist movement, of which Watts now claims to be a leader.

Of course, Loesch didn’t take the hypocritical swipe laying down. Rather, she delivered an epic response that was two parts class, three parts punch.

“I’m really not gonna take fashion points from some former Monsanto PR hack that lives in a gated community in Zion, Ind. Really not gonna take it. Not with the Jane Jetson haircut,” Loesch said referring to Watts’ past representation of a chemical plant. “If you are gonna focus on my apparel don’t also then proceed to simultaneously lecture me and the rest of the country about feminism, one day, two days after that whole broads’ march that took place in Washington, D.C. … If you’re talking about my appearance, it’s because I’ve already beat you on substance.”

Watch Loesch’s epic response to Watts above, and encourage Watts to come out from behind her screen to defend her lies on NRATV.

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