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Dana Loesch: Hunters Are The True Conservationists—Not PETA

America’s true conservationists have a target on their backs, as PETA prepares to take on hunters across the country. Unlike their war on Ringling Bros. and SeaWorld, this is one battle the hostile animal-rights faction will not win.

On Friday, Dana Loesch joined Grant Stinchfield on NRATV to discuss how hunters can stop PETA—an organization that has been investigated by the FBI for domestic terrorism. “Hunters are the true conservationists. It’s not people like PETA,” Loesch said.

The fear is not that the act of hunting will be made illegal, but rather that lawmakers pressured by PETA’s abusive tactics will create enough red tape to discourage the American tradition of hunting. “It’s not like the fight we are used to seeing,” Loesch said. “Because usually in the past, PETA, or any gun control effort, they would always want to come after federal lawmakers.” But Loesch warns that these organizations have more impact when they start small, which is what hunters and gun owners need to remember. The battle against PETA will be won locally.

“People need to be really aware of what’s happening in their statehouse,” Loesch said. “They need to be really aware of what is happening in their town and their jurisdiction and their city council, even. You have to engage and be active.”

If PETA or any other group wants to attack the most natural form of conservation, NRATV is ready to take them on.

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