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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Former Cincinnati Mayor Slams Response To Vegas Shooting

In an editorial published at thehill.com, Ken Blackwell, who previously served as mayor of Cincinnati and both state treasurer and secretary of state for Ohio, condemned the actions of anti-gun activists and celebrities, who have politicized the actions of the madman who opened fire on a crowd of concert-goers in Las Vegas.

“Their objective is not just to win votes for Democrats,” Blackwell wrote of those calling for more restrictive gun control laws. “It is to write out of polite society anyone who doesn’t share their views.”

Blackwell explained why gun control would not have stopped the shooter, saying that “… the only way to prevent him from owning a weapon would have been to stop every American from owning a weapon.” Instead of calling for the passage of pointless anti-gun legislation, he said, Americans should focus on stopping crime—and accept that monstrous acts cannot simply be stopped by the law.