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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tennessee Homeowner Stops Break-In Attempt

Kevin Lindsey was doing a load of laundry at about 10 a.m. last Thursday when he heard a strange sound coming from the back door of his West Knoxville, Tenn., home. He decided to go investigate and, upon turning a corner, found an unidentified man attempting to break in.

Knowing he had little time, Lindsey dashed up the stairs and retrieved his gun. He pointed it at the intruder, who wisely chose to run rather than take his chances against the armed homeowner. According to Lindsey, the entire incident was over within seconds.

The home reportedly wasn’t equipped with security at the time of the attempted burglary, but Lindsey says he’s considering investing in cameras and an alarm system. For now, though, he’s just thankful he had his gun. “I was homeless for a period and it took many years to get where I am now. I have a wife and a home, and I am not going to let anyone take that from me,” he told WATE-TV.