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A Week Of Freedom | Oct. 8 - 14

A Week Of Freedom | Oct. 8 - 14

We reveal new anti-gun schemes and take on new lies from gun-ban activists in this critical Week of Freedom.

Bloomberg’s New Plan To Waste Other People’s Money On Gun Control
Apparently tired of wasting his own money on gun control, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced a plan to waste other people’s money.

Why Is D.C. Trying To Stop An Outpouring Of 2A Freedom?
Washington, D.C., officials have decided not to appeal a pro-gun decision to the Supreme Court because they fear a further spread of freedom to other parts of the country.

More Freedom: Department Of The Interior Lessens Hunting Restrictions
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has issued another order with the goal of opening more federal lands to their true owners—American citizens.

Gun Control Activists Don’t Really Support The Second Amendment
Editor Mark Chesnut provides more proof that you should never believe gun control advocates when they say their goal is to pass “common sense gun safety measures.”

Cam’s Corner – Hard Answers To Difficult Questions
NRATV Host Cam Edwards looks at hard questions asked about gun violence, and the difficult answers that will help to curtail it.

Exercise Your Freedom | Fixing The “Flail”
It’s hard to quit doing something you can’t see, but the “flail” serves no good purpose.

What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About The FBI’s 2016 Crime Report
Frank Miniter dives into the latest round of FBI statistics, asking what they really tell us about the relationship between violence and Second Amendment rights.

Confirmation: “Don’t Even Call 911 …”
Frequent contributor Darren LaSorte looks at the only viable alternative for protecting yourself and your family when government authorities have declared you are on your own.

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