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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Arby’s Promotion Features Venison And Elk Sandwiches

The types of game that hunters and their families treasure aren’t everyday meal options for most Americans, but one fast-food giant is taking steps to change that. Arby’s will be selling venison sandwiches in all its U.S. restaurants on Oct. 21, and will be testing an elk sandwich at three of those locations.

This promotion builds on a limited run of venison sandwiches that were featured in certain markets last year and sold out within minutes. “If people are interested in trying the sandwich, the only way to guarantee they can get one is to get there when we open or a little before and make sure they are in line, just like the folks last year,” Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taylor told USA Today. He said that this promotion draws heavily on feedback from the hunting community.

The venison sandwich consists of a thick-cut steak with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce. The elk sandwich will be available in Thornton, Colo.; Casper, Wyo.; and Billings, Mont.; and features a blackberry port sauce.

Slate.com Calls For Two-Gun Limit For Firearm Owners

In a column published last week at Slate.com, former Brady Campaign staffer Doug Pennington made a plea for a new gun control law that would restrict American gun ownership to only two firearms per person.

“I’m talking about why people are allowed to own more than, say, two firearms without a really good reason,” Pennington wrote. “The easy answer is because that’s how it’s always been.”

Pennington would like to see that changed. He believes anyone who wants to own more than two guns should have to submit fingerprints, a list of the guns he or she wants to purchase and a $200 fee to the ATF, then let that agency decide if he qualifies or not. “… here in 2017, how many firearms does the average American need to competently defend her residence?” he asked. “For whom would, say, a 10-shot semi-automatic pistol and a six-round 12-gauge pump-action shotgun not suffice for home defense?”

Might we suggest the answer is anyone who might have to face violent criminals—who would ignore the two-gun law and any magazine restrictions, just like they ignore all other gun laws.

Wisconsin Permitless Carry Bill Needs Support Of Gun Owners

Is Wisconsin poised to become the thirteenth state with permitless carry? Senate Bill 169 may be heard in the state Senate this month and, if passed, would allow citizens to carry a firearm concealed without first obtaining a permit. Concealed-carry licenses would still be available to citizens who wish to take advantage of reciprocity laws in other states.

“We already give people the ability to openly carry a firearm without a license,” Sen. David Craig said in a statement introducing the legislation. “If you decide to throw on a coat, you should not be considered a criminal.”

A dozen other states currently have permitless carry laws on the book. Your action is needed to help ensure that Wisconsin is the next to adopt this important Right-to-Carry legislation.


Contact your senator and urge him or her to vote in favor of Wisconsin’s SB 169. You can do so by clicking here.

The Reward For Stopping An Armed Robbery: “You’re Fired”

Two weeks ago, Lee Satterthwaite was working his 3 a.m. shift at a Colorado Springs convenience store. Suddenly two armed men entered, and as he told KRDO-13, “Looking down the barrel of a gun that you know is wielded with hostile intent is frightening. They kept pointing their guns at my head, I stepped behind cover and drew my weapon.”

The suspects were startled by Lee’s firearm, and during a struggle Satterthwaite was shot in the arm. Both would-be robbers fled and Satterthwaite was taken to the hospital, but he went to work the same morning.

That was the first time he brought his gun to work, but two weeks later Satterthwaite was fired. “What I don’t accept is a company that fires me for protecting myself,” he said. But he has no regrets. “I didn't choose that robbery time, I didn't choose that location of being at work where I am not supposed to carry my gun. But, if I hadn't had it, I very well may have died.” Lee is looking for work while taking care of his parents and hopes to return to school next semester.

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