The Reward For Stopping An Armed Robbery: “You’re Fired”

posted on October 18, 2017

Two weeks ago, Lee Satterthwaite was working his 3 a.m. shift at a Colorado Springs convenience store. Suddenly two armed men entered, and as he told KRDO-13, “Looking down the barrel of a gun that you know is wielded with hostile intent is frightening. They kept pointing their guns at my head, I stepped behind cover and drew my weapon.”

The suspects were startled by Lee’s firearm, and during a struggle Satterthwaite was shot in the arm. Both would-be robbers fled and Satterthwaite was taken to the hospital, but he went to work the same morning.

That was the first time he brought his gun to work, but two weeks later Satterthwaite was fired. “What I don’t accept is a company that fires me for protecting myself,” he said. But he has no regrets. “I didn't choose that robbery time, I didn't choose that location of being at work where I am not supposed to carry my gun. But, if I hadn't had it, I very well may have died.” Lee is looking for work while taking care of his parents and hopes to return to school next semester.


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