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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Several Anti-Gun Measures Advance In Illinois

Several anti-gun bills have been released by the Illinois House Rules Committee and referred to the Judiciary Committee for hearings. Consequently, Illinois gun owners need to contact their House members immediately.

According to NRA-ILA, House Bill 4107 would ban many types of commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and accessories and impose registration on all current owners. This anti-gun legislation would also ban a broad range of “trigger modification devices” and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. 

House Bill 4112 mirrors much of HB 4107’s ban on “trigger modification devices,” but also makes possession of any affected devices a felony offense punishable by three to seven years of imprisonment.  If enacted, HB 4112 would create tens of thousands of felons overnight.

House Bill 4117 also seeks to place bans on many popular “trigger modification devices,” and Senate Bill 1657 would create onerous mandatory regulations, fees potentially in the thousands of dollars, and excessive amounts of red tape that would almost assuredly force the closure of many firearm dealers while preventing prospective owners from opening new ones.


NRA-ILA urges all Illinois gun owners to immediately contact their state representative and urge him or her to oppose Senate Bill 1657, and House Bills 4107, 4112 and 4117. Contact them by clicking here.

Report: National Media All In For Gun Control

It didn’t take the liberal left and so-called “mainstream” media long to turn the Las Vegas attack into a rallying cry for gun control. A report from media watchdog Media Research Center notes that in the six days following the tragedy, Oct. 2-8, the big three networks filled the airwaves with a nonstop stream of anti-gun rhetoric.

NBC, CBS and ABC devoted 30 minutes and 17 seconds to arguing in favor of more gun control, while giving just 6 minutes and 27 seconds to the pro-gun-rights side—a ratio of 5 to 1. NBC led the way with a 10-to-1 ratio, followed by CBS with 4-to-1 and ABC at 3-to-1.

Instant exploitation of tragedy is something we’ve come to expect from major media networks, and the numbers bear it out. Time and time again, their biased “reporting” is less about serving up actual news than advancing a liberal agenda.

Another Arrest Made In Brian Terry “Fast And Furious” Murder Case

While those responsible for the disaster known as Operation Fast and Furious may never be held accountable for their actions, the last of the suspected killers of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry is now in custody.

The Washington Post reports that Jesus Rosario Favela-Astorga was arrested by Mexican authorities and is being charged with first-degree murder. He and several others are accused of killing Terry when they encountered him on a stakeout with other agents.

The murder case caused the public exposure of Operation Fast and Furious, a “gunwalking” operation that saw the federal government allowing American guns to be smuggled into Mexico. The idea was supposedly to track the firearms, but most of them went missing, including some which were used to murder Mexican citizens as well as Americans such as Brian Terry.

Parked Motorist Shoots Rock-Throwing Man In Jurupa Valley

A man sitting in a Park & Ride site in California watched a couple slowly walk up to his vehicle. For reasons still unknown, the strange man outside raised his arm and hurled a large rock through the driver’s side window. The driver’s instinct was quick and exact.

Officer Dan Olivas told mynewsla.com, “The man inside was armed with a handgun and fired several shots at the male, striking him.” The rock-wielding man was fatally hit by the gunfire. The female companion ran from the scene, but was later discovered by investigators.

At this point, no motive has been given and the woman is in police custody. The motorist, who was legally armed, was not injured.

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