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Friday, October 20, 2017

Aussies Raise Money To Help Farmer In Self-Defense Legal Battle

When Australian farmer David Dunstan brought an unloaded .22 rifle with him to meet a knife-wielding man at his door, he never would have guessed the legal trouble it would cause him. Thankfully, other Australian gun owners are pitching in to help him out financially in his legal battle.

After the altercation with the armed trespasser, police confiscated Dunstan’s firearms and his gun license. His guns and license have yet to be returned. And while no charges have officially been filed, others have donated $21,000 to the legal fight to get his guns and firearms license back.

“I am amazed by the support. So many people are concerned about what right they have got and self-defense,” Dunstan told the Herald Sun. “I just look at it as a waste of taxpayers’ money because every case is different and this is a totally different situation to people not using their guns correctly.

“Sometimes you just need a bit of common sense.”