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Friday, October 20, 2017

University Of Wisconsin Student Takes On Gun-Ban Advocates

A handful of students showed up at the University of Wisconsin in Madison last week to protest a speech by Townhall editor Katie Pavlich. The anti-gun student group demonstrated against the Second Amendment and the “rape culture” by wielding sex toys.

As the MacIver Institute reported though, one student was having none of it. “So you want to be raped?” Michelle Walker asked the protesters. Walker is member of the UW chapter of Young American For Freedom, the student organization that sponsored Pavlich’s speech. She went on to tell the group about a friend of hers who was raped because she wasn’t able to have her concealed-carry gun with her.

Walker later told a local radio station, "I decided to ask them why they were against having guns on campus for the sake of having self-defense for women, because these are the people that also claim they want to end the rape culture and educate men on how to not rape women and things like that." While her message fell on deaf ears—“all they did was ask me why I wanted to shoot people and kill people instantly”—we applaud Walker for standing up for gun owners and Second Amendment rights at the publicly funded university.