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A Week Of Freedom | Oct. 15 – 21

A Week Of Freedom | Oct. 15 – 21

We take on the rudest the gun-ban movement has to offer in this not-so-humorous Week of Freedom.

Happy To Be A Gun Owner
Editor Mark Chesnut looks at Dianne Feinstein’s claims that we live in a “gun-happy” country.

Poll Shows That Voters See Right Through Anti-Gun Politicians
Frequent A1F contributor Frank Miniter explores poll results showing that a majority of Americans believe politicians raise the gun issue solely for political reasons.

Spokane Police To Use Suppressors To Protect Hearing
While anti-gun activists shun suppressors and say the devices are only useful for criminals, the Spokane Police Department has announced it will begin using suppressors on all its duty rifles.

Bad News For “Universal” Background Check Supporters
NRATV Host Cam Edwards describes a study that shows the ineffectiveness of so-called “universal” background checks.

Exercise Your Freedom | Zap The Gap
Get more of you on your handgun for better recoil control.

Why Would A Gun-Ban Group Change Its Name?
When a gun-ban group suddenly changes its name, there’s a good chance it has something to hide. Remember Handgun Control Inc.?

Jimmy The Ignorant … And Hateful
Turning his comedy show into a leftist political rant, Jimmy Kimmel shows his ignorance about guns, gun owners and the Second Amendment.

Millennial Support For Gun Rights Frustrates Media, Gun Control Lobby
Frequent contributor David Burnett explores the reasons behind Millennials’ strong support for gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

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