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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chatterday | Saturday, October 21

Chatterday | Saturday, October 21

“I am amazed by the support. So many people are concerned about what right they have got and self-defense. I just look at it as a waste of taxpayers’ money because every case is different and this is a totally different situation to people not using their guns correctly.” — Australian Farmer David Dunstan, who had his guns confiscated after taking his unloaded .22 rifle to the door when a knife-wielding man showed up there.

“I decided to ask them why they were against having guns on campus for the sake of having self-defense for women, because these are the people that also claim they want to end the rape culture …” — University of Wisconsin in Madison student Michelle Walker on confronting protestors demonstrating against gun rights.

“The data doesn’t lie. The rate of these events just is not increasing as the perception is given in the media. This is just what it is.” — Computer science professor Sheldon H. Jacobson on his recent study showing that mass killings are not on the increase, despite what the media would have you believe.

“I’m talking about why people are allowed to own more than, say, two firearms without a really good reason.” —  Former Brady Campaign staffer Doug Pennington, writing about his proposal to limit Americans to owning two firearms each.

“You’re taking away the ability to protect our children. People with CCWs are trained, and schools are already soft targets.” — California Republican Assemblyman Devon Mathis on the recent signing of legislation disarming all teachers in the state.