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Guns Down Launches Attack On NRA Carry Guard

Guns Down Launches Attack On NRA Carry Guard

Photo credit: Darren Parker

Liberalism has warped the minds of its adherents to the point that defending yourself against assault is considered murder. Gun owners lawfully armed and defending the lives of themselves or others is murder? Yup, that’s right. In this latest example of the folly of gun grabbers, a new campaign against National Rifle Association and NRA Carry Guard is getting the “puff treatment” in the Chicago Tribune.

The Trib’s headline, “NRA's insurance coverage for people involved in shootings criticized as ‘murder insurance’” is a doozy by itself, but the column is rife with mischaracterizations of a common-sense safeguard for those who carry a firearm for self-defense.

Murder is illegal in this country, and no insurer offers policies to mitigate the consequences of a conviction for murdering another person.Of course, one cannot insure against the legal consequences of being convicted of a crime. Murder is illegal in this country, and no insurer offers policies to mitigate the consequences of a conviction for murdering another person. What is being offered is a policy for a lawful gun owners, spouses and resident family members to mitigate any legal costs, fines or other expenses associated with successfully defending against a criminal or civil suit for utilizing a firearm in self-defense.

Here is what it really is: NRA Carry Guard is a self-defense insurance plan with offerings ranging in cost from $13.95 a month for up to $250,000 in civil protection and $50,000 in criminal defense, to a “gold plus” policy at $49.95 a month, which provides up to $1.5 million for protection against civil claims and $250,000 for use in criminal defense. If you commit murder, commit manslaughter, or are convicted of menacing, brandishing or other gun crimes, Carry Guard will not cover those claims.

It’s depressing to have to add the caveat that nowhere on the NRA Carry Guard site is race mentioned. But since it is alleged by opponents that the simple act of acquiring insurance raises the specter of racial animus against people with black and brown skin, here goes: Race is not mentioned because this insurance doesn’t encourage shootings. NRA Carry Guard further inculcates its purchasers to get more training and attend advanced classes about when and when not to shoot—classes that are also offered through the dual-faceted program.

FBI crime data shows that the overwhelming majority of people in armed confrontations are involved with a person of their own ethnicity, at rates of over 95 percent for blacks and over 85 percent for whites. That fact alone should negate any misdirection over there being a racial component to NRA Carry Guard’s offerings.

Unbeknownst to most homeowners, many home insurance policies consider self-defense an intentional act.Unbeknownst to most homeowners, many home insurance policies consider self-defense an intentional act. As such, it may not be covered. In our highly litigious environment, a criminal who breaks into your home and is shot but not killed by you might opt to sue in order to cover his or her own healthcare costs or for some other ludicrous but actionable reason. NRA Carry Guard is there for its policyholders in these instances.

The chief proponent of this movement to demonize the act of gun owners purchasing insurance is Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin. Fulton stars in an attack video by the gun control group Guns Down, which aims to stop the companies underwriting the coverage. She attempts to paint the NRA in a negative light by leaving the facts out: “They spend millions lobbying for laws that allow them to ‘shoot first’ and ‘stand their ground.’ But that just makes it easier to get away with murder.”

While I feel much sorrow for the loss of Fulton’s son, the incident was adjudicated in a court of law, and we must move on. Not every action taken by gun owners or the NRA is related to the Travon Martin shooting. There is no “moral hazard” in offering an insurance and training product to the most lawful segment of American society—law-abiding gun owners. The fact that NRA Carry Guard is available is another freedom that should be celebrated or—in the case of gun-grabbers—tolerated.

But we all know that tolerance is a one-way street with liberals.

Stacy Washington is a decorated Air Force veteran, Emmy-nominated TV personality and host of nationally syndicated radio program “Stacy on the Right,” based in St. Louis. She loves God and guns, and is a member of the NRA.


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