Armed Texas Woman Shoots Female Home Invader

posted on October 26, 2017

Even living in a quiet golf community with a security patrol isn’t always enough to prevent a criminal attack, as one Conroe, Texas, homeowner recently discovered.

At around 9:15 Saturday night, a woman was in her River Plantation home when she heard noises at the front door. When she went to investigate, she saw the suspect, later identified as 38-year-old neighbor Marci Green, attempting to gain entry. The homeowner went to retrieve her firearm and called authorities, but that was not enough to dissuade Green, who, after meeting resistance at the front door, decided to try again.

“She actually opened the screen door and started coming in the back door,” JOP Wayne Mack told The Courier. “The homeowner advised her to not come in the house and feared for her life.” After Green refused to heed the woman’s warnings, the homeowner fired once and struck Green. According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Green was found on the ground with a gunshot wound to the abdomen that would prove fatal, but aside from being “shaken up, upset and distraught,” the homeowner was not injured.



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