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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Apparently Can't See His Own Hypocrisy

When you have appointed yourself the country’s late-night “moral authority,” it’s apparently hard to see that you’re also one of the country’s biggest hypocrites.

Alleged comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who has been blaming mass shootings on law-abiding gun owners and NRA members, on Thursday tweeted the following: “Dear crazies: it is fascinating that 500 innocent people get shot and your anger is directed at me. Think about that.”

Kimmel was replying to responses from law-abiding gun owners who didn’t like being told they “bear some responsibility” for the weekend shooting in Las Vegas.

Might we suggest an appropriate reply to hypocrite Kimball’s text: “Dear Jimmy Kimmel: It is fascinating that 500 innocent people get shot and your anger is directed at gun owners who have never shot anybody. Think about that.”

Wayne LaPierre Blasts Gun Control Advocates On “Hannity”

Speaking to Sean Hannity on FOX News on Thursday, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre called out politicians who want stricter gun laws in the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas. He also issued an even harsher criticism of Hollywood celebrities who condemn the same guns that they make a fortune off of using inappropriately in the movies.

“This Hollywood crowd makes billions a year, every single day teaching gun irresponsibility to the American public,” LaPierre said. “The hypocrisy is beyond belief.”

He added: “They criticize me for saying people ought to be able to protect themselves from murderers, rapists and robbers, and then they make billions depicting every night those same situations. The hypocrisy coming out of Hollywood is beyond belief. The American public doesn’t buy into it."

You can watch the full Wayne LaPierre interview here.

Armed Citizen Foils High-End Apartment Complex Break-In

Most of the residents in the Carrollton, Texas, luxury apartment complex were still sleeping when an unidentified 33-year-old man slipped through the security gate of the Colonial Grand at Hebron and approached the apartment of one of the residents.

The trespasser had discovered that the resident had left his patio door unlocked, and was in the process of coming inside when the resident heard him. Because it was 5 a.m. and the resident wasn’t expecting visitors, he retrieved his gun and fired at the invader, shooting him once in the chest.

The suspect, who remains in critical condition at a local hospital, is facing a charge of criminal trespass of a habitation. The Carrollton Police Department reported that the man has run afoul of the law before—he has previously been arrested for criminal mischief, DWI and trespassing.

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