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A Week Of Freedom | Feb. 6 - Feb. 10

A Week Of Freedom | Feb. 6 - Feb. 10

While Maryland politicians fiddle, Baltimore burns in this highly inflammatory Week of Freedom.

1. Cam’s Corner - Maryland Politicians Fiddle While Baltimore Burns
 - While Baltimore averages more than a murder a day, Maryland lawmakers are wasting their time trying to keep law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms on campus.

2. Editor’s Letter - Can “Mainstream” Media Even Report The Truth Anymore? - Editor Mark Chesnut looks at the flurry of fake news spread by the so-called “mainstream” media following a House vote on former President Obama’s Social Security gun ban.

3. Dana Loesch: Racist Hypocrite Elizabeth Warren Is The Original Rachel Dolezal - Dana Loesch discusses the hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren on NRATV.

4. Carry Life | Choosing A Carry Handgun, Part III - Beware opinions when choosing a firearm. However well meant, they’re fraught with problems.

5. This Senator Thinks We’ll Be Safer With Open Borders And Gun Bans - U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy touts a recipe for disaster—completely open borders combined with restricted Second Amendment rights.

6. AWR Hawkins - ATF Associate Deputy Director: Time To Reconsider Regulations On Suppressors, “Assault Weapons”  - Does a “white paper” by a high-ranking ATF executive calling for less regulations on suppressors, semi-autos and imported firearms mean things are changing within the agency?

7. NBC Fake News Alert: Criminals Buy Parts Online To Easily Build Untraceable “Ghost Guns” - Why you shouldn’t believe NBC’s fake news story about “ghost guns” and violent criminals.

8. AWR Hawkins - Fourth Circuit: Carrying A Gun Makes You A Suspect - One court’s assault on the right to carry by declaring all who carry a firearm—legally or not—to be dangerous and, therefore, a suspect.

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