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“The DL” With Dana Loesch: Gun Control’s Racist History

NRATV’s newest series, “The DL,” tells the true story of the Second Amendment that you won’t find anywhere else. Joined by NRATV personalities Colion Noir and Cam Edwards, and leading political voices such as Antonia Okafor, Sheriff David Clarke and Stacey Washington, host Dana Loesch digs into the true story of the Second Amendment the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know.

Episode 3 of “The DL” reveals the racist roots of gun control. “It’s always been about controlling a segment of the population,” Loesch says. “And what better way to maintain dominance over an ethnic group than ensure they’re disarmed.”

Watch a preview of the third episode of “The DL” above. And if you’re interested in the deeply racist history of gun control and how it continues to disproportionately affect minority communities, watch all of “Gun Control’s Racist History” on NRATV.

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