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A Week Of Freedom | Feb. 13 - Feb. 17

A Week Of Freedom | Feb. 13 - Feb. 17

Photo credit: Michael Ives

Dana Loesch, Clay Turner, Mark Chesnut and others address a number of important Second Amendment topics in this liberty-laced Week of Freedom.

1. Editor’s Letter - Connecticut Governor Targets Gun Owners To Fix Budget Woes
 - Gun-hating Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy takes another jab at law-abiding gun owners by proposing a drastic increase in the price of pistol permits.

2. “The DL” With Dana Loesch: Gun Control’s Racist History - In episode 3 of “The DL,” host Dana Loesch focuses on the racist roots of gun control.

3. Cam’s Corner -  When Violent Crime Has No Punishment - When only 4 percent of non-fatal shootings in Boston result in an arrest, is there really any deterrent to stop violent criminals?

4. PBS Documentary “Guns On Campus” Heavily Weighted Against Campus Carry - With little care for balance or fairness, PBS has created a “documentary” that is little more than a hatchet job on campus carry.

5. Carry Life | Ammunition: Cheap, Bad Or Just Different? - Ammunition issues are mighty aggravating, but preventing some may be easier than you think.

6. AWR Hawkins – Constitutional Carry Gaining Steam In States Around The Country - AWR Hawkins takes a look at the many states considering constitutional-carry measures this legislative session.

7.  7 Reasons The House And Senate Are Rolling Back Social Security Bans On Gun Rights - Here’s why the U.S. Senate and House have voted to roll back President Barack Obama’s Social Security gun grab.

8. Armed Citizen – Music Stores - 7 stories of armed self-defense in and around music stores.

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