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NRATV: Dana Loesch Confronts Media, Touts NRA's “Big Tent”

During NRATV’s live coverage of Dana Loesch’s CPAC speech, the new NRA spokesperson reminded the media gathered to cover the event that the NRA does not discriminate. “You’re not going to find a bigger tent than what you find at the NRA. Men, women, black, white, gay, straight, Democrat, Republican,” said Loesch. While giving the present media a defiant glare, she proudly claimed these "members that the media with their fake news want to ignore."

Bigger than any single platform or party, the NRA has a new face, said Loesch: “I am a face of the NRA. Maj Toure is a face of the NRA. Chris Cheng is a face of the NRA. Pink Pistols are a face of the NRA. Get it right. This is the organization for people who want to have a fighting chance.”

Stay tuned with NRATV for continuing coverage of CPAC.

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