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NRATV: Scott Walker Talks God-Given Freedom

During this morning’s NRATV coverage of CPAC, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joined Grant Stinchfield and Cam Edwards to talk about his success fighting unions in his state—and how it was the first step toward returning more rights to the people. Walker said his reforms saved taxpayers $5 billion, and allow employers to hire, fire and pay based on merit and performance—rather than seniority.

“Those are the sorts of things I think now more than ever they need to do in our Federal Government, but in a bigger sense,” said Walker. “And I’ve told Wayne LaPierre this before and Chris Cox and others—for us it was part of the larger argument about freedom. We got to stand up for freedom. We don’t selectively pick which part of the Constitution we believe in. It’s all there. We embrace it all. And it’s really about giving the people of our state, and in turn the people of our nation, more of their God-given freedoms back.”

Stay tuned with NRATV for continuing coverage of CPAC.

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