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NRATV’s Dom Raso Sends His Support For Wayne LaPierre

Minutes before NRATV aired Wayne LaPierre’s speech at CPAC, veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso sent a powerful message in support of NRA’s Executive Vice President: “I am fired up!” he said. “The disrespect and the lack of honor that people are showing in our own country—burning flags, rioting in the streets—they have no idea what sacrifice is.”

After more than a decade of service in defense of our freedoms abroad, Raso now serves in a different capacity, by educating Americans about their rights as an NRATV commentator. He closed his message with an inspiring call to action: “people talk about being shoulder to shoulder, and I know what type of effect we can have,” he told NRATV’s live audience. “It’s all about teamwork, and it’s all about protecting freedom.”

Raso filmed his message from the set of a new video series showcasing elite-level firearms handling and personal defense. Look for these videos soon on NRATV.

His other video work, including Media Lab, where he deconstructs the firearms handling in scenes from Hollywood movies, as well as Commentators, where he shares hard-hitting opinions on American freedom, are available now on NRATV.com.

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