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A Week Of Freedom | Feb. 20 - Feb. 24

A Week Of Freedom | Feb. 20 - Feb. 24

Photo credit: Image courtesy of NRATV
We help make America great again in this presidential Week of Freedom.

1. Donald Trump: The NRA Loves Our Country - President Trump recognized NRA's Wayne LaPierre and Chris W. Cox during CPAC speech.

2. Watch Wayne LaPierre's Highly Anticipated CPAC Speech Live On NRATV - Live on location coverage of CPAC on NRATV.com.

3.   NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox Introduced Vice President Mike Pence At CPAC - Chris W. Cox presented the vice president with the Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award.

4. Corinne Mosher - 6 Reasons There Are No “Fair” Fights - A1F contributor and self-defense trainer Corinne Mosher explores how armed self-defense is seldom a fair fight.

5. Cam’s Corner – Obama’s Legacy - Cam Edwards details how President Barack Obama’s true legacy is increased violent crime in our larger cities.

6. Editor’s Letter  Kansas Lawmaker’s Ignorant Remark Reveals Anti-Gun Denial Of RTC Facts - An ignorant statement by a Kansas lawmaker proves that those without facts on their side always find another way to argue.

7. John Lott Q&A: Anti-Gun Lies About Mass Shootings - We talk to researcher and author John Lott to find out the truth about mass public shootings.

8. Carry Life | Never Never Land: 4 Dangerous Missteps - The Carry Life demands caution, and a few “don’t evers” catch our attention over and over.

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