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NRATV: Veterans Wait In Horrific VA Conditions, Media Covers Kellyanne's Feet

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch took to NRATV’s Stinchfield Tuesday to slam the mainstream media for attacking Kellyanne Conway for putting her feet on the Oval Office couch—while failing to cover the horrific conditions some veterans are forced to endure at the VA.

“It is the number one thing that is trending on social media,” said Loesch. “All anyone can talk about is, ‘Kellyanne Conway has her feet on the sofa in the Oval Office.’”

Loesch then turned her attention to a photo that surfaced Tuesday of an elderly veteran laying on the floor in pain and using his bag of medication as a pillow while waiting at a Veterans Affairs medical center.

“This has barely received a blip,” Loesch noted. "I wish people cared as much about our veterans as they do about these petty political differences.”

Loesch’s criticism comes after NRATV released a video slamming one of the foremost members of the mainstream media for an ad it placed during the Oscars Sunday night. The New York Times’ promotional ad framed the paper as the foremost defender of “truth” in an age of misinformation. The NRA’s counter-ad implied the Times and the mainstream media side with liberal causes, choosing to forgo bipartisan reporting in its criticism of the Trump administration.

“I think it is an embarrassment to America that our veterans are still fighting to get care that is owed to them,” Loesch said. “I think it is an embarrassment to America that is the number one discussed story on the internet.”

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