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Dana Loesch: Trump Is America's President, Not Anyone Else's

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch joined NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield Wednesday to share what she felt was a defining moment for Trump’s administration during the president’s Tuesday address to Congress.

“I also loved the line that he is the president for this country. He is not anyone else’s president. He is the president for the United States,” said Loesch. “I thought that was probably, singularly the most important line in his address.”

Loesch elaborated on her point saying, “For the past eight years, we’ve had a commander in chief, who wanted to appease everybody else and prioritize everybody else and every other country and every other sovereign except for those here in the United States—The citizens who elected him, the citizens for whom he is responsible. And that line that Trump stated last night I thought was singularly the most important line in politics in the last several years. That was huge.”

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