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NRATV: Trump Vows To Eliminate 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'

Ret. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin joined NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield Wednesday to praise President Donald Trump’s uncompromising stance against radical Islamic terrorism during Tuesday night’s address to a joint session of Congress. “Know yourself. Know your enemy. You need not fear a hundred battles,” the Lt. Gen. said. “Now we have a president who calls it radical Islam, radical Islamic terrorism and that is a start.”

“We haven’t had an effective strategy to fight ISIS as well as the global terrorist network which really has the same theology as ISIS,” he continued. “We are fighting a global theology that wants to establish a global caliphate.”

Lt. Gen. Boykin reiterated the importance of using the term 'radical Islamic terrorism', saying, “It’s a starting point to identifying why they do what they do and then developing a strategy, a holistic strategy, that is not just about killing these people on the battle field in Syria and Iraq. But it is about countering their propaganda, countering their theology with information campaigns and reaching out to those Muslims who reject sharia and reject this notion of jihad and making them part of the solution.”




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