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A Week Of Freedom Mar. 6 - Mar. 10

A Week Of Freedom Mar. 6 - Mar. 10

Creative Director Clay Turner explores how gun-ban groups are attempting to co-opt other social interest groups into their cause in this you-can-run-but-you-can’t-hide Week of Freedom.

1. Editor’s Letter - Antis Smear Reciprocity With Same Old Carry Lies - Anti-gun warnings about national Right-to-Carry reciprocity are the same falsehoods they’ve been repeating for decades.

2. Beware Gun-Banners Wearing Your Clothes - Creative Director Clay Turner explores how gun-ban groups are co-opting other social causes to try to gain more support.

3. Cam’s Corner - Going Nuts In Rural New York - Cam Edwards looks at the misguided effort to shut down a longtime hunting tradition in western New York.

4. Czech Interior Minister Pushes Constitutional Amendment To Protect Gun Rights - The Czech interior minister introduces a plan to fight terrorism: protecting citizens’ right to bear arms for self-defense.

5. Connecticut—Malloy Gun Policies Propel Budget Woes - New NSSF figures reveal that Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy’s anti-gun activities have helped cause the budget deficit he now faces.

6. How The 4th Circuit Court Of Appeals Is Trying To Kill The Second Amendment - Cam Edwards explores the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals’ attempt to toss the Second Amendment into the dust bin of history.

7. Carry Life | Is Your Firearm Carry Ready? - Is a new or different carry firearm in your future? Prep it with a plan.

8.  John Lott Q&A: The Truth About Right To Carry - Researcher and author John Lott discussed Right to Carry and the move for national reciprocity.

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