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The DL With Dana Loesch: A Lifeline In The Collapse Of Law And Order

Social order is always on a razor edge, especially in the face of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. In this episode of The DL, "A Lifeline In The Collapse Of Law And Order," host Dana Loesch is joined by NRATV personalities and prominent voices in the Second Amendment community to examine what happens when law enforcement is powerless to protect and all that’s left is the right to armed self-defense.

Independence Institute's David Kopel best sums up this idea in his commentary: “You may be in a situation where normally if you call 911 for a life-threatening emergency, the average response time is 11 minutes, which means you’ve got the responsibility to keep yourself and your family alive in those 11 minutes until law enforcement can get there. But in a natural disaster you may call 911 and there may be nobody on the other line, or they may tell you, ‘sorry, nobody’s ever coming,’ and it’s up to you to keep your community safe and to keep yourself safe.”

Watch a preview of episode 6 of “The DL” above and watch all of "A Lifeline In The Collapse Of Law And Order" on NRATV.

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