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A Week Of Freedom Mar. 13 - Mar. 17

A Week Of Freedom Mar. 13 - Mar. 17

The U.S. House advanced firearm freedoms for veterans to close out this contentious Week of Freedom.

1. Editor’s Letter - AG Sessions Rights The Ship At The DOJ - Just a month on the job, Jeff Sessions has instructed U.S. attorneys to vigorously prosecute the most violent criminals living among us.

2. Armed With Knowledge: Children And Guns - A1F contributor Corinne Mosher discusses teaching her child gun safety.

3. Pink Pistols: Don’t Blame Guns for Crime, Blame Evil People - A1F contributor AWR Hawkins examines the polar views on gun control within the LGBT community.

4. Exercise Your Freedom | Reloading, Part 2: Safety - Reloading is interesting and useful, and modern components make it surprisingly safe.

5. Beyond “Fake News” - A1F contributor and NRATV correspondent Chuck Holton describes the ways the media push their agenda.

6. Cam’s Corner The Real Epidemic - Cam Edwards discusses the epidemic of drug overdose deaths and the media’s silence.

7.  Carry Life | Garment Clearing, Part 2 - Just when you thought there was nothing else to be said about garment clearing ….

8. Opposition To Restoring Veteran’s Second Amendment Rights Intensifies - A1F contributor AWR Hawkins discusses the VA gun ban.

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