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Bob Owens: Mandatory Liability Insurance Is A Form Of Gun-Grabbing

Washington state lawmakers are proposing a mandate that would require gun buyers to purchase liability insurance coverage as a prerequisite to being allowed to own a gun. NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield was joined by Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens Thursday to talk why this proposed law is a backdoor gun-grabbing tactic disguised as a “common-sense” policy: “It is nothing more or less than a concept they’re pushing to make gun ownership more expensive and cost prohibitive to many people on a budget,” Owens said.

“They want to make it impossible for you to own a firearm if you are someone who is in a rough neighborhood who really needs a firearm for self-defense. Or if you’ve got kids in school and you’re on a budget and you’re trying to pay for somebody’s college,” Owens continued. “You’re living hand-to-mouth, you don’t have this extra free money—most Americans don’t. So this is a plot purely created to take guns out of the hands of your average citizens by making it unaffordable.”

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