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Diamond And Silk: Trump’s Impact On The African-American Community

YouTube stars Diamond and Silk told NRATV’s Stinchfield Monday how they became conservative, pro-Trump spokespersons for the minority community: “We were life-long Democrats. We were conditioned to vote that way,” Diamond said. “When Donald Trump started speaking about the border and how he wanted to bring back jobs, we were happy about that.”

According to the dynamic duo, the African-American community responded well to the new president because of Trump’s plan to lower unemployment and to fix the inner cities neglected under the Obama administration.

“You know for 8 years we had a black president that wouldn’t mention anything about the African-American community,” Diamond continued. “But you had the business man come say, ‘what do you have to lose? You have nothing to lose by voting for me because I’m going to rebuild these inner and urban cities. I’m going to create an atmosphere where if you want to be an entrepreneur, you can be. If you want to thrive, you can thrive.’”

Silk added: “And the good thing about the black man is that they are ready to get back to work. That’s why a lot of them voted for Donald Trump. Because they are ready to get back to work—starting professing and providing for their families. It’s time to bring back the family unit. And they’re ready to be a father and be a leader within their communities. So, they’re ready to get back to work.”

She continued: “They believe Donald Trump is the man with the master plan that’s goin’ to make America great again.”

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