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Diamond & Silk: We Don’t Believe The Media

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known by their stage names Diamond and Silk, joined NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield Monday to talk about what made the dynamic duo leave the Democratic party, and why they no longer trust the media.

“You know the media is biased,” Diamond said. “I was listening to the media this morning when they started toutin’ these polls about the favorability. I’m like, ‘wasn’t these the same people who said Hillary Clinton was up in the polls and she lost the election?’ We do not believe what the media say[s].”

The social media sensations were referring to a CNN poll released early Monday morning that reported a drop in Trump’s approval rating. During the election, the liberal lapdog media outlet consistently predicted a Clinton landslide victory.

“Listen, they keep trying to feed us a narrative,” Diamond continued. “We can think for ourselves, we don’t need them feeding us anything. We have our own brains! We don’t need them to spoon-feed us nothin’, we see what’s going on.”

The duo asserted that the mainstream media keeps pushing an anti-Trump narrative to distract from the accomplishments of the new administration, such as the $100 million granted for Flint water system repairs.

“They won’t report that. All they keep doing is pushing a narrative,” Diamond said. “Russia didn’t hack this election! The American people hacked it! We got out, we marched to those polls and we voted for Donald J. Trump!”

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