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Neil Gorsuch: Whatever Is In Heller Is The Law And I Follow The Law

NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield reported Tuesday on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s response to Senator Diane Feinstein’s questioning about whether he agreed with the late Justice Scalia’s statements in the Heller decision.

“Senator Diane Feinstein put her anti-gun agenda on full display during Judge Gorsuch’s hearing today. She specifically tried to get judge Gorsuch to state his views about the so-famous Heller decision,” Grant noted.

At his confirmation hearing, Neil Gorsuch declared he rules fairly on facts and the law in each case that comes before him: “Whatever is in Heller is the law and I follow the law. It’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing Senator, respectfully,” he said. “It’s a matter of it being the law. And my job is to apply and enforce the law.”


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