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The DL With Dana Loesch: The Right To Carry Revolution

Because it has happened below the federal level, most Americans are unaware just how dramatically their legal right to carry firearms has expanded in the past few decades. In the newest episode of The DL, “The Right To Carry Revolution,” host Dana Loesch details the history of this quiet yet crucial change in state laws. She is joined by many prominent pro-Second Amendment voices such as Laura Carno, Colion Noir, AWR Hawkins, and Sheriff David Clarke.

“At every turn of the road, they use the same argument saying that law abiding citizens should be unarmed, because if we allow them to be armed in this manner, there’s going to be needless bloodshed—and it doesn’t happen,” Hawkins says in his commentary.

According to the episode, since Florida’s groundbreaking recognition of concealed carry, every state in the union now recognizes some form of legal carry. Now expanding into campus carry and permitless carry, the revolution continues unabated across the nation.

“I trust law abiding citizens,” adds Sheriff Clarke. “I trust law abiding citizens with firearms.”

Watch a preview of episode 7 of The DL above and watch all of “The Right To Carry Revolution” on NRATV.

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