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Dr. Sebastian Gorka: President Trump's Preventative Counterterrorism Agenda

White House Deputy Assistant and national security expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield at CPAC 2017 to discuss President Trump’s proactive counterterrorism efforts to keep the American people safe. Gorkas comments were made a month prior to Wednesday’s terror attack in Westminster, London. The attack began when an radical Islamic terrorist drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster bridge, killing two of them and injuring dozens more, before running with a knife through the front gates of the Palace of Westminster, where he killed a police officer before being shot dead.

“What upsets me is that those on the left want to wait until the blast goes off in order for them to do something. We cannot wait until the blast goes off, because one will happen,” said Stinchfield.

Gorka agreed: “Look at Europe,” he said. “So this executive order that we issued right before we came into office about the temporary halt on migration from danger zones, war zones of 7 nations. Why did we do that?”

He continued: “Good counterterrorism is preventative, not reactionary. We’ve seen what’s happened in Berlin, in Paris—twice. Look at Southern France—the Nice attack—one guy with a truck kills more than 80 people. This president is not going to wait until 80 people are mowed down to stop the next attack. We’re going to prevent it right now.”  


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