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The DL With Dana Loesch Armed In An Age Of Terrorism

The right to bear arms is more than a safeguard against criminals; it ensures preparedness to face any threat posed by radical Islamist terrorists. In this episode of The DL , "Armed In An Age Of Terrorism," host Dana Loesch, pro-Second Amendment advocates, and industry experts examine how the Second Amendment makes America uniquely suited to deal with modern threats.

“I may still die with my gun on my hip in a terrorist situation, but at least I have an option,” said episode guest and NRATV Commentator Colion Noir in his commentary. “It’s just what it is—I have an option. And so without that option I am nothing but a sitting duck. That’s it.”

Rick Ector, owner of Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit, added: “Whenever terrorism rears it’s ugly head, we should smite it from the face of the earth whenever possible."

Watch a preview of episode 8 of The DL above and watch all of “Armed in an Age of Terrorism” on NRATV.

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