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The DL With Dana Loesch: The LGBT Community Arms Itself

The LGBT community is targeted for more hate crimes than any other demographic, yet they exhibit extremely low rates of gun ownership. In episode 5 of The DL, "The LGBT Community Arms Itself," host Dana Loesch is joined by NRA personalities and gun rights advocates to examine the new wave of LGBT interest in firearms spurred by the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando. The episode tells the story of the impact a Houston gun range had after they made the decision to reach out to the LGBT community.

“People can sit here and talk about equality six-ways to Sunday,” Loesch says in her commentary. “But you don’t really believe in equality if you do not believe in the equal opportunity of self-defense. And denying a group the ability to protect themselves—that to me is the height of bigotry.”

Watch a preview of the fifth episode of “The DL” above and watch all of “The LGBT Community Arms Itself” on NRATV.

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