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A Week Of Freedom Mar. 27 - Mar. 31

A Week Of Freedom Mar. 27 - Mar. 31

What’s the difference between a firearm suppressor and a flying monkey? Find out in this reality-based Week of Freedom.

1. Editor’s Letter - Gun-Ban Groups Use Slain LEO To Push N.M. Restrictions - When gun-ban groups shamelessly used a fallen officer’s name to push for restrictive gun control legislation he would have strongly opposed, his widow spoke out against them.

2. Carry Life: Smart People, Dumb Ideas - The New York Times: Rarely do you find so many dumb ideas about self-defense in one place.

3. Senators Gillibrand And Murphy Believe Suppressors Silence Gunshots (Also, Flying Monkeys) - Clay Turner discusses the dishonest opposition to suppressors from Sen. Gillibrand and Sen. Murphy.

4. London's Gun Control Isn't Stopping Terrorism - AWR Hawkins explains how strict gun control in London and other parts of Europe is actually enabling terrorist attacks instead of stopping them.

5. Freedom On The Move In Oklahoma - The Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed three measures that, if approved by the Senate and governor, will be a big win for Sooner State gun owners.

6. Cam’s Corner - Continuing Down The Road To Second Amendment Freedom - Cam Edwards discusses the incredible growth of the Right-to-Carry movement over the past 30 years, and how it continues today.

7.  John Lott Q&A: Debunking Vox.com Gun Lies - Criminology researcher John Lott debunks an anti-gun web article claiming higher gun ownership results in increased violent crime. A headline at Vox.com last week read: “The Cincinnati nightclub shooting shows how more guns lead to more gun violence.”

8. Red State Democrats Face Gorsuch Vote While Carrying Lots Of Gun Control Baggage - AWR Hawkins explores how red state Democrat senators risk their careers by opposing the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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