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Chatterday | April 15, 2017

Chatterday | April 15, 2017

“There is a massive misconception out there within this anti-hunting community in terms of exactly what they are doing and achieving, because they’re not saving animals, they’re not saving the environment.” — Josh Powell, national spokesperson for NRA Hunting, a new program created to save hunting

“I have no doubt you will rise to the occasion, and the decisions you make will protect our Constitution today and for many generations of Americans to come.” — President Donald Trump, at the White House swearing-in ceremony for new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. 

“When is the NRA complicit?” — Headline above a ridiculous Salon.com rant blaming the NRA for the San Bernardino murder-suicide since the Association supported a completely unrelated measure to roll back the Obama-era SSA gun ban.

“After San Bernardino shooting, we need more empathy, fewer guns.” — CNN.com headline to a fake news story blaming the domestic violence-related murder on everything except the murderer.

“This is yet another example of how Obama's wanton use of the ‘pen and the phone’ attempted to undermine the constitutional rights of all Americans, as opposed to upholding the rule of law.” — Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, speaking about a Freedom of Information lawsuit his organization has filed against ATF over the proposed M855 green-tip ammo ban back in 2015.

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