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A Week Of Freedom | April 17 - 21, 2017

A Week Of Freedom | April 17 - 21, 2017

Photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

We call out Demanding Moms founder Shannon Watts for claiming you aren’t a caring American in this Week of Freedom.

  1. Be A Part Of History At The NRA-ILA Leadership Forum - Last year, Chris W. Cox announced the NRA’s early endorsement of Donald Trump for president. What might be in store for this year?

  1. Editor’s Letter Fake News Canadian Style - Turns out that the United States isn’t the only place people publish fake research to push for more restrictive gun laws.

  1. With A New Scandal Growing, It’s Time For Congress To Fix The ATF - Frequent A1F Daily contributor Frank Miniter looks at the latest in a long list of scandals involving the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

  1. “Stand Your Ground” Benefits The Vulnerable In Society - AWR Hawkins explores Stand Your Ground laws and the move in Florida to strengthen the law in that state.

  1. Cam’s Corner Shannon Watts Says You Aren’t A “Caring” American - Cam Edwards looks at Shannon Watts’ latest claim that if you don’t support more restrictive gun control laws, you’re not a “caring” American.

  1. Everything That’s Wrong (And Right) With Journalism Can Be Found In The Missourian - Creative Director Clay Turner reveals how a nonsensical rant in The Missourian cheapens journalism everywhere.

  1. Carry Life | Conspiracy! - Gun owners are often accused of being conspiracy-crazed. We might have good reason.

  1. AG Sessions Signals End To Federal Interference In Local Policing - AWR Hawkins explores how Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rolling back the Justice Department’s interference in how local police agencies conduct their business.

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