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NRATV: Donald Trump Jr. at 2017 NRA Annual Meetings

This morning on Stinchfield, live from the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta, Donald Trump, Jr. spoke to Grant and Bill Whittle about the history being made in his father attending and speaking at the NRA Annual Meeting.

"He's the first [sitting president] to come back [to the NRA Annual Meeting] since Reagan," Trump, Jr. said. "When you look at what the NRA has done for this campaign, it's remarkable. They took a risk supporting the developer from New York. Thank you to the people who made a difference, and that goes to all the dues-paying members of the NRA."

They also address the importance of the Second Amendment in American society. As Trump, Jr. put it, the Second Amendment is "no afterthought."

"After freedom of speech and religion, it's the second thing our Founding Fathers thought of: the right to defend yourself, your family," he said. "In today's society, they're trying really hard to make that go away but it won't."

Grant brings up the mainstream media's bias against the president, as the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits takes place across the street from anti-gun CNN's headquarters in Atlanta.

"They're going to attack him for anything that he does," Trump, Jr. said. "If he adopted Hillary Clinton's policies across the board, they'd still go against him. I guess they just made a business decision that that's what they're going to do."

Trump, Jr. goes on to say CNN is "sensationalist, fake news" and calls them out for "creating stories" and "running with stuff that's nonsense." Nobody has ever held them accountable, he said, yet President Trump is doing just that.

Stinchfield airs live on NRATV weekdays at the top of the hour from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET.

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