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Chuck Holton: Terrorists Stopped by Good Guys With Guns

NRATV's Frontlines correspondent Chuck Holton joined Stinchfield Tuesday to explain the link between the recent terror attacks abroad: the terrorist is almost always stopped by a good guy with a gun.

“Let’s talk about this terror attack that happened back in March, where the Muslim convert is a British citizen ran down and killed four people," he said. “One of the people that died was a police officer. And this is what I want to point out about this attack, Grant, this officer was an unarmed police officer.”

Holton then noted that the terror level in Britain at the time of the attack was rated as “severe” and raised questions as to why police weren’t armed and ready to defend from an imminent threat: “Why do you have unarmed police officers? What’s the point in that,” he asked. “Three others who were run over were also unarmed police officers. Now the guy was actually, finally stopped after he got out, stabbed that police officer in the back of the head, as he was running away, he was finally stopped by and armed police officer—also known as a good guy with a gun.”

The veteran U.S. Army Ranger then pointed to the similarities in the types of recent terrorist attacks, and emphasized the means in which they have been stopped: “We see this over and over and over again. These ramming and stabbing attacks are becoming more and more common. Since 2011, I counted over 20 of them in the United States, Europe, and Israel. There’s more than 30 stabbing attacks—like we saw in Ohio last year,” he said. “They have one thing in common—they’re almost always stopped by a good guy with a gun.”

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