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Dana Loesch: Democrats Self-Immolate By Filibustering Neil Gorsuch

NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch joined NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield Thursday to discuss how the Democrats now face imminent doom after filibustering Neil Gorsuch and forcing the “nuclear option.”

Loesch noted that this is not just about the Supreme Court, but about the irrational use of political power: “You have a number of different nominees for different areas of government, all of which Democrats have fought vigorously and often times for zero reason at all,” she said. “So, this is silly that Democrats are doing this particularly when they’re going back on their own record of voting for this exact same man without any prejudice in 2006. They just do not want to have Scalia’s seat replaced.”

Loesch continued: “This is a bad fight for them, and this is setting up a showdown for if Ruth Bader Ginsberg goes, if Breyer goes, if any of these Justices retire or if, heaven forbid, something worse happens.”

She then spoke to the millions of gun owners who elected President Trump because of his promise to ensure a pro-gun Supreme Court: “Democrats have chosen to filibuster your Second Amendment rights,” Loesch said. “Will you let that stand?”

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