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Mark Geist: NY Times Is A Mouthpiece For Progressives

Benghazi hero Mark Geist joined NRATV’s Stinchfield Friday to slam the New York Times: “They’re a mouthpiece for the progressives. And I think ‘progressive’ is a code word for ‘socialist’ and ‘communist’, but that’s my opinion,” he said. “You know that’s all they do. They’re a mouthpiece and pushing whatever issue that the progressives want.”

Geist warned about the deceitful agenda of the mainstream media: “You know they’re gonna attack us where we think we’re safest. You know those states and areas of the country where we don’t have to worry about them? They’re already trying to get into those areas. They are sitting around the table trying to figure out how they lost and how to not be defeated again."

When pressed about The New York Times' ongoing lie that a YouTube video caused BenghaziGeist said: "It’s upsetting that mainstream media has left and forgotten what their purpose is. As the fourth branch of the government, they’re that part of the government that’s supposed to keep and report honestly and truthfully and not just jump to a conclusion."

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