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NRATV: Dana Loesch Takes On Media Malpractice

This morning on NRATV’s Stinchfield, NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch spoke her mind about the New York Times’ disingenuous new slogan. “They don’t actually report on the full truth, just like they didn’t do it on Benghazi,” said Loesch. “Month after month, year after year after year they continued to blame the atrocity ... on a video.” Grant went on to point out that, “The New York Times argument is that they put dozens of reporters on stories and I say you can put as many reporters as you want on the stories. If they all lie, it doesn’t matter.”

“This is what the New York Times does every single day. They do this constantly,” said Loesch. “And they have the audacity to turn around and act like they’re some ombudsman on truth in America? No.”


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