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Dr. David Grantham: Terrorist Watch Lists Aren't Preventing Attacks

 In an all too familiar story, the suicide bomber who killed 22 and injured dozens more in Manchester joins the long list of terrorists who were on law enforcement’s radar but managed to slip through the cracks.

Dr. David Grantham, a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis, joined NRATV’s Stinchfield Thursday to discuss the systematic failures and inherent dangers of terrorist watch lists in preventing attacks.

“I really think it begins with this watch list that they like to tout. Right now, it seems like the watch list is doing very little in the way of preemptive or preventative measures,” Grantham said. “They need to rethink preemptive measures. They need to reimagine their internal procedures—they missed a network.”

Grantham continued: “What good is the watch list if you aren’t going to do anything with the information? Or, what is currently the threshold you have to meet to act on that information? So, there has to be more than simply observing and surveilling these guys because clearly it’s not stopping enough to warrant its existence.”

NRATV will continue to cover breaking news, updates and analysis on the fight against terrorism.

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