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Chatterday | Saturday, May 27

Chatterday | Saturday, May 27

“No one should be priced out of their right to carry a firearm for self-protection.” — NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signing a bill to reduce carry permit fees in the Lone Star State.

“I think you're continuing to see a change in the composition of people who go and get permits. Women are growing at a much faster rate than men.” — Author and researcher John Lott on the number of U.S. concealed-carry permit holders topping 15 million.

“Some of the guns had gathered dust for years or even decades before their owners handed them over May 13 in return for a $100 or $200 Target gift card.” — A Los Angeles Times editorial revealing that the city’s worthless gun turn-in program was receiving guns not destined for criminal hands.

“One would hope that shameless shilling on behalf of a statist billionaire would be derided in any artistic community.” — NRA-ILA statement on gun ban group Everytown creating an “Authors Council” to help disseminate the organizations’ anti-gun propaganda.

“There’s a generation that isn’t going out and hunting. They’re occupied by so many other activities that they forget that there’s a big, open space to enjoy and have fun in.” — New NRA President Pete Brownell in describing NRA’s push to grow hunter numbers.
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